Our pragmatic and
tailor-made approach helps companies deliver their toughest strategy execution challenges

No need to cross your fingers and hope for the best. In all our delivery engagements, we deconstruct the big and the small problems, figure out the options and then roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done.

We guarantee results

Every program is different and each one is critical. We don’t rely on tick lists, templates or models. Our execution framework – the MentorBlueprint delivers the business results you need.

We fill critical roles in the program leadership team and take full end-to-end responsibility for delivering your business-critical program.

You get visibility and control and are able to lock down all the financial potential from your strategies.

Experts in program
acceleration and recovery

We’ve seen it all – everything from helping launch innovative startups, to working with large global companies – delivering strategic initiatives worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The reasons why business-critical programs crash remain constant across the years. Will your program deliver the benefits you want? How can you know?


Structured approach that guarantees success


Mentor works on mission-critical programs. Those initiatives that make or break a business, make or break the careers of CEOs and management teams. We make a difference. Yes, we’re blunt, but we use 20 plus years of hard-won experience and judgment to take a view of what’s going on in a program and to make concrete recommendations and then to roll up our sleeves and work alongside clients to deliver them.We’re pragmatists: we don’t rely on tick lists on templates or on models, and we don’t just advise. We roll up our sleeves and we work with clients helping them to solve their trickiest execution problems. No two situations are the same. You can’t force fit a unique set of client circumstances into a one-size-fits-all approach.This is something that Mentor have done for decades, we worked on all sorts of programs: we worked on greenfield startups near to launch businesses we work for some of the biggest companies in the UK turn around mission-critical programs involving thousands of people and tens or hundreds of millions of pounds of investments and delivery resource. We’ve seen it all. We’ve seen fast moving nimble companies fail at execution. We’ve seen big lumbering former public sector entities kind of struggle with these challenges as well. And we’ve helped them all focus on what matters – make the hard decisions and get stuff done. We want to put our fees at risk against those successful outcomes – about actually delivering results for our client.

Seasoned specialists work alongside your teams to guarantee your business-critical programs get delivered. We share every shred of insight, advice and experience we have and show you how to multiply the competence you already have. 

We make things easier for you.

Our services

Successful execution of business-critical programs relies on top managements’ skill in making shrewd judgement-calls on how to set programs up and run them. We provide four compelling services to guarantee your execution initiatives thrive: