How to de-risk your fibre and 5G rollout programs

How to deliver better program outcomes using data analytics and AI.

In April 2020, Mike Hosie, Partner at Mentor, spoke to Total Telecom on how telco’s can take advantage of the latest AI in the rollout of their fibre and 5G programs

Given the vast amount of data that a telecoms operator collects every day, harnessing AI is becoming a growing feature of a modern, digital telco.

“Our industry is increasingly using digital transformation to help make better use of data in addressing customers’ needs and companies have been using these technologies to deliver new revenues for years now – so why not use them in program delivery?” asks Hosie.

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AI and Program Management

The proportion of projects managed using AI is expected to jump from 20% to 40% in the next three years.

“Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its way into project management tools, handling everything from scheduling to analysing working patterns for a team and offering suggestions for improvement,” said Hosie, thus allowing program managers to instead focus on high impact contributions to the program, such as problem-solving.

The Mentor Execution Index seeks to blend the human experience of those contributing to a program with the precise insights gained by AI and deep learning. As part of our HealthCheck service, the tool creates an objective view of the program, removing commonplace yet unproductive debates over judgment calls and subjective decisions.

The Mentor Execution Index creates a clear mandate for future action and delivers something akin to an x-ray that confirms the diagnosis and then with Mentor’s program management expertise recommends the necessary steps to improve that program’s health.

Program failure is incredibly costly – the Mentor Execution Index’s strength is that it can deliver AI and human-driven insights during the program’s life cycle, helping companies to avoid costly delays.

With so much of the telecoms industry-focussed right now on their 5G and fibre rollouts, programs reaching completion smoothly has never been more important.

“The benefits I would expect to see for the fibre and 5G rollouts that are happening on our streets today would be an increased speed of deployment, improved quality of deployment, more project gates being passed as they were planned, and better program management that will ultimately lead to fewer delivery dates being missed”.

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