Ebook – Are you jumping the gun? …and putting your programs in the firing line?

Last time your company ran a transformation program, how did the management team organise to get the job done? Did they choose an approach – and implement it – before the uniqueness of the work was understood?

The odds are they did – and probably chose one of these approaches:

1. Allowed each function do its own thing, relying on cooperation between them.

2. Handed the lead role to the Director most affected by the change to delegate downwards.

3. Selected a Program Director and gave him the authority and resource to get the job done.

4. Split responsibilities between functions in some incomprehensible way. Usually for “political” reasons – to cater for executives with fragile egos who feel left out.

Whatever happened, many of us have been around long enough to know there is no single right way to organise a program.

But we do have good instincts on which approaches flourish – and those that wither on the vine. We’ve all seen plenty.

Let’s look at some of the issues in “jumping the gun”.

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