The Mentor Edge – An ebook from Mentor

…an insider’s short-cut to business transformation success that gives you the rules behind the rules – The Mentor Edge.

With old-school wisdom, it covers the setup, delivery and – if you are unfortunate enough – the rescue of a business-critical program.

It’s an enormous relief when your board has crawled all over your strategy and blessed it. It’s a time of great pride for your senior executive team.

But a good strategy is only the starting point. Now your team has to execute it and this presents a cocktail of different challenges.

A great strategy doesn’t always produce great results.

That’s because what gets us to the starting line won’t get us to the finish line.

You might be able to figure it all out on your own. Eventually. But wouldn’t you rather learn from the twenty-five plus years we’ve already invested, instead of repeating all the harsh lessons yourself?