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Paul Donovan, former CEO of Odeon and Eircom 

Ian McCaig, CEO First Utility, former CEO

Jeff Dodds, Managing Director – Mobile, of Virgin Media, former CEO of Tele2

Tim Pennington, CFO Millicom, former CFO of Three

David Sangster, former GM of Airwave

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Leadership Insights

How Mentor engages with a client

The evolution of the program delivery team

Exploiting network densification to accelerate 5G deployment

“Knowing” isn’t the same as “Doing” – David Hilliard, CEO Mentor

Is Strategy Execution a Core Competence in your Business? Ian McCaig, CEO First Utility

Making Program Execution a Core Capability – Mentor’s Real Time Help

Why Programs Collapse

1. Why Strategy Execution Fails: The First Signs

2. A Missing Link Between Strategy and Execution

3. Mission-Critical is Rare

4. The Wrong Organisational Structure

5. The ‘Most Affected Director’ Syndrome

6. PMOs and Prince2-itis

7. Poor Resource Allocation

8. The Denial Phase

9. Strategy Execution: Turning the Corner with a Healthcheck

10. Why Strategy Execution Fails: Common Sense is Not That Common

11. Organisational Cultures

David Hilliard and Ian Waters discuss Mentor’s pragmatic and direct approach