Leading European MNO embarks on its 4G journey

In 2013 a leading European Network Operator, with millions of customers in multiple countries embarked on its 4G journey. They had an enormous task ahead – to design and build a brand new 4G network from scratch

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  • The company was not working with any of its existing infrastructure from the previous ‘Gs’
  • Limited technical capability and almost zero rollout experience
  • Late delivery of the network and the related business transformation – would lead to financial targets and market forecasts being missed
  • The need for a better customer experience – not just a new network
  • Conducted a review of the client’s ability to build the 4G network, using a structured review process based on the MentorBlueprint™
  • The program execution capability was reviewed by a team of experts who specialised in mobile technology, radio planning and network deployment and  supplier
  • First 4G only network in the world delivering 95%+ national coverage
  • Voted one of the world’s best 4G networks
  • 40% of revenue loss recovered
  • Transformation from fixed telecoms to mobile and fixed
  • Re-negotiated commercial contracts which led to improved relationship and commercial arrangements with key suppliers
  • Developed and launched a new customer management system

“They spent the first period analysing and processing data, making initial recommendations that they thought were achievable and in the timescales that it could be delivered, and from there built a plan”. 

Former CEO

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