Are your programs aligned
with your organisation’s strategy?

Are you doing the right things?

The CEO’s challenge

In a world where resources are always constrained, significant advantage can be won by businesses with good visibility and control over their program portfolio.

However, organisations continue to struggle with selecting the right programs to invest in.

The result – programs do not deliver the corporate strategy and fall short of what is demanded.

Effective portfolio management provides the organisation with a mechanism to make sure that things are done right and managed dynamically for success.

Is your portfolio management providing your organisation with a mechanism to make sure it is working on the right things?

Portfolio optimisation – delivering real advantage

We work with organisations to overcome the challenges that every CEO and CFO face by making sure programs are delivered on time and within budget – and the value delivered by those programs are aligned to the organisation’s strategy.

We help strengthen strategic alignment by focussing attention and resources on initiatives that will achieve your strategy – and dynamically manage them so that the best overall outcome is achieved.

Translate strategy into execution framework and define the program steps
Build, approve and manage the portfolio steps


Translate strategy into an execution framework

The first step is to align corporate objectives with the programs that will deliver them. Typically, they will use cross-functional capabilities and access functional resources. Segmentation into tier 1 (business-critical) programs and others will result in the correct focus and allocation of key resources.


Prepare the program baseline

In this step, the focus is on making sure alignment between program benefits, the required resources to deliver that benefit, and the way that the program is organised.

Questions we ask:
• Is a baseline prepared including a description of the work and benefits, have detailed plans been prepared – with milestones?
• Is there a description of end to end Governance?
• What is the program organisation and what resources are required, are internal and external interdependencies identified?
• Are program controls ready to go?

No delivery date is credible without a baseline.


Build and approve the portfolio

Based on the baseline, we build a consolidated view taking account of overall budget, resources – skills and number, benefits, risk and dependencies. Constantly seeking alignment between the strategic objectives and programs that deliver them – with you we will select, prioritise and then manage the most appropriate programs.


Manage the portfolio

This is the fundamental link with program execution.

Program progress will be reviewed, with risk and issues assessed and managed.  The primary focus will be on business-critical programs – either those that represent the highest economic value or the highest level of risk.

A holistic portfolio view allows an organisation to control its transformation, managing risks and issues, re-allocating resources or funding, and providing support or proactive remediation as required.

It is an agile and dynamic Executive level process.

That’s the Mentor Way. We know it works.
And if you follow our approach and we’ll guarantee your results.

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Portfolio management benefits



Speed of execution

Dynamic allocation of resources and resolution of issues

Correct allocation of resources



Better strategic alignment for capital delivery performance

Improved return in investment

You know the right things are being done to deliver the strategic objectives



Correct decisions made in the right context

Risks are managed and mitigated

The right focus – on the right things

Implement effective portfolio management.
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Mentor will come in, and look at very large, very complex business-critical projects, and they don’t just assist you in thinking about them, they also help you to deliver them.

Jeff Dodds
Virgin Media, Managing Director, Mobile (former Tele2 CEO)

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