Is your business-critical program going well?

Steer clear of the causes of program failure.

A successful program healthcheck is based on hard evidence.

The Mentor Healthcheck is a comprehensive analytical assessment that determines the health of your business-critical program.

We use it to flush out the gaps and find the root causes of challenges that could cause potential program performance issues, long before you experience expensive program replans and time overruns.

Conducted by our team of experts, we analyse your program using our proven execution framework – The MentorBlueprint – and arm you with facts, evidence, and remedial actions to steer off-track programs back into calmer waters.

Dramatically reducing the risk of program failure.


years’ experience


programs successfully delivered


programs “rescued” successfully

Our Solutions

We have three solutions designed to give you an objective assessment of your program. Each provides clarity on the health of your program – identifying risks to be unblocked and opportunities to exploit. All are based on, The MentorBlueprint, our proven program execution methodology.

Program Assurance and Risk Assessment

You want to make sure your program is set up correctly from the start and potential risks are managed.

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Program Pulse Check

Your program execution is underway but you want to make sure its on the right track by checking it’s status on a regular basis.

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Program recovery

Your executive team has lost confidence in the program delivery team – the program is delayed and over budget.

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The Mentor Healthcheck

We scale the problem, highlight areas for change, and come up with practical solutions.

When it comes to program execution, the stakes are high. We cost-effectively help you minimise the risk of failure.

We combine tried and tested methods of 1:2:1 interviews and a deep-dive review of program documents, with an online survey of your wider program team using The Mentor Execution Index.

We will propose a compelling case for implementation, highlighting the benefits and financial returns.  And if you need it, we can work directly with you and your team to deliver these – and guarantee the results.

Our unique approach combines 30 years of program expertise with state-of-the-art technology, giving any business-critical program the best chance to succeed.

The Mentor Healthcheck helps you to set up a powerful custom-built execution plan – that delivers results for your business and peace of mind for you.

No-one has the tools and experience and is able to assess the health of your program like we do.

4 easy steps to program execution success

Follow our approach and we’ll guarantee your results.

2 weeks



Survey, review

  • Transparent, challenging, and focused ‘deep dive’ approach based on The MentorBlueprint
  • 1:2:1 interview sessions with the senior program team
  • Survey wider program team and suppliers using the Mentor Execution Index 
  • In depth review of the program documents, for example, budgets, high-level financials, program plan, program controls, governance and communications

1 week



Interpret data, diagnose

  • Expert interpretation of data collected from your team, combined with the deep learning and dashboard results from The Mentor Execution Index
  • Identifies the scale of potential challenges, highlighting areas for improvement, acceleration, and strengthening of existing processes
  • Early identification of risks and required actions to reduce those risks

1 week



Right solution, right approach

  • Delivery of final recommendations and setting out the actions essential to deliver the business case
  • Comprehensive solutions are drawn from program management expertise
  • Clearly defined strategic direction with a roadmap of initiatives to implement your strategy

1 week



Detailed plan, execute

  • Program re-focussed and adjusted to meet strategic needs and deliver benefits
  • Wider organisation re-engaged with the program – responsibilities clearly understood
  • A partner with industry technical expertise and strong execution skills, working with you to get things done

Give your program the best start. Assess its chances of success using the Mentor Healthcheck.

Benefiting from an independent program healthcheck



Fast, cost effective, broad and deep program insight

Detailed and immediately actionable execution/recovery plan

Significantly reduced late-stage surprises



Successful program delivery, driven by focussed recommendations

Build a program-ready organisation quickly, using data and feedback collected from across the organisation

Fast and better-informed decision-making



Achieve results using qualitative and quantitative data

Drive successful program delivery based on insight that can’t be challenged

Early identification of program-critical risks and issues

Mentor is a great partner. They get to understand what it is you are looking to achieve; bring great substance, great people, great knowledge. They help you to get to the other side.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, Former Arqiva CEO

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