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Fast, accurate, cost-effective program assessment driven by AI technology

The Mentor Execution Index powered by Predli is our new ground-breaking approach to measuring a strategic program’s health.

It’s a fast, accurate, cost-effective program assessment tool that allows you to take the pulse of any program and create an unbeatable map for success.

It combines our proven program execution framework – The MentorBlueprint™ – with cutting-edge AI, algorithms and data analytics technology.

Keeping execution simple is the key to executing successful business-critical programs.

Setting your program up to deliver the business results you want is more painless than you might imagine.

The Mentor Execution Index helps you absolutely nail program blindness issues long before they become troublesome.

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Measurement that drives change.

We start by interviewing your senior executive team face-to-face, and get a deep look into your program by surveying your program team using The Mentor Execution Index.

Applying the AI, algorithms, and data analytics technology built into the tool, we gather and analyse crucial data to elevate your program. We get answers to vital questions that must be nailed before any program can succeed.

Insights that transform your business.

The survey delivers the data. Expertise and AI powers the insights.

Real-time dashboards highlight issues and give you quantitative measures of program performance against the critical factors in the MentorBlueprint: Executive Alignment, Program Organisation, Program Plans, Supplier Management, Dependencies, and Program Culture.

We blend these replies with our accumulated execution wisdom and give you actionable insights from data and AI – not guesswork. This allows you to make smart decisions, not only to reduce program risk but also to guarantee success.

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Recommendations based on experience you can trust.

Our winning combination of program management expertise and the latest AI technology built into the tool by our partner Predli – means we can deliver a comprehensive assessment of your programs’ health with clear steps for change – in a matter of days, not weeks.

This means you can change the path of your program and deliver the results you want with speed and certainty.

We don’t just leave it there, either.

We can also discuss the results in detail and help you activate our recommendations to make sure your program succeeds.

This relentless focus on program management success is the philosophy behind our Mentor Guarantee.

Find out more about how Mentor can help you execute your program with certainity.

Program execution

Benefiting from the latest technology for program success

With meaningful insights and the right program management expertise there is no reason why your program won’t succeed.



Quick, cost effective, confidential and broad

Comprehensive assessment and recommendations delivered in a matter of weeks

Accelerates the review process and eliminates costly re-plans



Successful program delivery built on fact-based insights that can’t be challenged

Ongoing assessment and indexing against others

Build a program-ready organisation, using insights from across the organisation



Actionable analysis based on a proven program execution framework – The MentorBlueprint

Achieves results using qualitative and quantitative data

Uses proven AI, algorithms and analytics from leading data science experts

Our Solutions

We have three solutions designed to give you an objective assessment of your program. Each provides clarity on the health of your program – identifying risks to be unblocked and opportunities to exploit. All are based on, The MentorBlueprint , our proven program execution methodology.

Program Assurance and Risk Assessment

You want to make sure your program is set up correctly from the start and potential risks are managed.

Learn more
Program Pulse Check

Your program execution is underway but you want to make sure its on the right track by checking it’s status on a regular basis.

Learn more
Program recovery

Your executive team has lost confidence in the program delivery team – the program is delayed and over budget.

Learn more

The Mentor Execution Index featured content

Watch our latest video and case study and find out more about the science behind The Mentor Execution Index, why we developed this ground-breaking assessment tool, and how it benefited one of our Telco clients.

Watch the video and find about the AI technology and customised algorithms that drive the tool, directly from the team that helped build it, Predli.
AI Meets program execution - interview with Ian Waters and Total Telecom
Watch the Total Telecom interview and find out how the new tool can give you a robust view of the health of your program.
Case study
Read the case study and find out how the new tool quickly and accurately
pinpointed obstacles to get the program back on track.
Watch the video to find out more about Predli – experts in artificial intelligence and data science who built The Mentor Execution Index

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