The Mentor Way

Results. Guaranteed.

What is the Mentor Way?

It’s a staggering fact that only 30% of business-critical strategic programs succeed.   

We wanted to know why.    

So, we took a long hard look at our own and others’ experiences during the last 30 years.

We researched, analysed and discussed what works and what doesn’t.

The result? We’ve created a brand new approach to program execution, that’s a sure-fire way to deliver success…every time.

That’s something we’ll guarantee.

We call it ‘The Mentor Way’.


David Hilliard, Chief Executive

More about the Mentor Way

Find out more about our execution framework, our people, and our expertise. Follow the Mentor approach, and we’ll guarantee the results.


A proven execution framework that ensures the 5 critical factors are designed into your program – upfront.

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We’ve successfully delivered strategic transformation programs in the Telecoms and Technology industry for 3 decades. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we know how to apply this.

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Our people are steeped in program execution experience. They’re hands on specialists with years of board level experience.

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Every business needs a predictable – and reliable way – of converting their strategies into hard business results.

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Delivering business-critical programs

Watch the video and find out more about how Mentor can help you guarantee your program success.

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