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The UK Government wants everyone to have access to full fibre broadband by 2025. Yet Britain lags most other European countries with only 4% of UK premises connected – compared with 71% in Spain and 89% in Portugal.

Read our latest thinking and find out how we’re working with Mobile Operators, fibre providers and infrastructure players to craft new design and deployment schemes for fibre networks and optical solutions across their core and access networks.

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‘Mobile-centric’ fibre networks – laying the right foundations

Mobile Operators have two burning problems: increasing capacity in their 4G networks and laying the foundations for 5G. How can we make a huge dent in these problems?

The insight guide ‘Mobile-Centric’ fibre spells out how Mobile Operators can economically drive their network densification plans – using a state-of-the-art dark fibre solution. Download now to find out:

What is ‘Mobile-Centric’ fibre?

Why the UK needs a new fibre network, specifically for mobile

What’s wrong with traditional fibre ‘lit’ solutions

The business case for ‘Mobile-Centric’ fibre

Dark fibre is needed now to take a meaningful position in the ‘Race to 5G’ and to make the most of a ‘Mobile-Centric’ fibre solution.

Full fibre rollout featured articles

Read our latest thinking on fibre/Gigabite broadband rollout in the UK. Find out more about the hype, Government commitments, and what this means for infrastructure providers and Alt.nets.

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