Closing the gap
between urban and
rural mobile coverage

Solving the rural connectivity problem.

According to Ofcom, mobile and broadband coverage is improving in the UK. Urban areas are well served, but 9% of rural areas still get no service at all. The gap needs closing now.

The challenge is not only to bring coverage to rural areas, but to do so in a commercially sustainable way. This will make sure that networks are upgraded and maintained.

Read our latest thinking on how UK MNOs can work together on a Shared Rural Network (SRN) with the Government to implement a resolution.

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Delivering greater bandwidth and service choice to UK’s unconnected communities.

The UK’s remote rural communities do not have the broadband access they need to fully participate in a digital society, a Shared Rural Network could extend coverage to many underserved UK communities.

Pooling spectrum by MNOs on rural sites increases the overall capacity that customers can tap into – opening up the prospect of fixed-wireless services, boosted by rooftop antennae. Sharing spectrum and physical masts forces sharing of everything else i.e. antennas, radios, baseband electronics, and backhaul, allowing MNOs to greatly reduce infrastructure and operational costs

In this insight guide we explore why it makes sense to create a true SRN, based on pooling spectrum in the 9% of the UK geography without mobile coverage.

Download the insight guide to find out:

If there needs to be further consideration of the October SRN proposal by the four operators

The advantages of pooling spectrum

Why the New Zealand SRN model has been successful

There is no expectation that the 95% 4G target will be hit in the next three years.

Rural coverage in the UK featured articles

Read our latest blogs and insight guides on how to improve rural coverage in the UK. Find out more about the latest SRN proposal, the benefits of spectrum pooling, and how a proven program execution strategy can help meet the Government deadline.

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