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Our Know-How

Over many years we’ve helped launch innovative start-ups and worked with large global companies in the telecoms, IT, and media sectors.

Today, Mentor is helping Mobile Operators, Fibre Providers and Infrastructure players to figure out how to respond to the huge opportunities presented by 4G densification and the move to 5G.

In that time we’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and practical know-how. When it comes to delivering complex programs, we know what works and what doesn’t.

After 30 years, the accuracy of our MentorBlueprint is now so precise, it forms the basis of our program delivery guarantee.

Our areas of expertise

With our strong industry relations and independence – combined with deep operational experience, we will work with you and your team to provide the line expertise you need to get your business-critical programs over the – with certainty.

Fixed and Mobile network architecture

Network infrastructure design and implementation sits at the heart of our program work.

Core, Aggregation and Access Networks

RAN deployment

C-RAN and virtualisation

Small Cells

Network sharing and TowerCos

Network architecture and design

Spectrum re-farming

4G densification and 5G deployment

Working with Mobile Operators and OEM on 4G network densification and 5G preparation.

C-RAN and virtualisation

Small Cells

Dark Fibre

Trial management

Core and Transmission networks


Network virtualisation

Broadband deployment and Dark Fibre

Fibre deployment programs – covering residential, business, mobile backhaul, intercity and metro access.

Core and Access transmission networks

National Fibre deployment

Dark Fibre


Smart City infrastructure

Triple and Quad-play solutions

New business launches

New business launches, including many ‘industry firsts’ – world’s first 4G only Operator; UK’s first MVNO.

4G and 5G roll-outs

Greenfield operator set-up and launch



Sales execution and transaction support

Led and supported numerous complex transactions – from vendors to investors.

 Network outsourcing

OEM complex bid support

Sales acceleration

Procurement management

Supplier and Partner management

Transaction services (tech & commercial DD)

Complex system and integration

Complex, cross company IT implementations and development.

 MVNO integration

Multi-channel billing system

Integration and rationalisation of systems

OSS/BSS implementation

Retail and wholesale billing system

What our clients say…

Mentor have two things: industry technical knowledge and their upfront method of executing programs. When they set out to do something, they make sure it’s done.  So… expertise, great methodology and ultimately, reliable delivery.

Derek McManus, Telefonica UK COO


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Derek McManus, Telefonica UK COO

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