Strategic program execution

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Digital transformation is putting immense pressure on organisations to execute strategic programs successfully.

Driving commercial success with certainty is dependent on highly effective program execution. Without it, the odds are stacked against you.

You could go it alone.

Or you could work with us. We have the know-how, expertise, and people you need.

Program set-up, acceleration, recovery

Technology issues rarely cause programs to fail. Failure is always ‘designed-in’ at the set-up stage with unrealistic objective setting and poor planning.

We’ll make sure you avoid these pitfalls. We’ll help you develop a robust custom-built program plan with a clear path to success. We identify potential problems and ensure there are no surprises.


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program “rescued” successfully

4 steps to successful program execution

4 steps to successful program execution – step 1 and 2
4 steps to successful program execution – step 3 and 4



We start with a deep dive into your program to assess its health and readiness for success.  We understand the root cause of the challenges and prioritise solutions. The deliverable is a plan and governance that everyone can buy into.


Set Up

We’ll get the governance and processes in place so that your program can be organised and governed in the right way.



Our team will work together with your program team to execute the plan and outcomes. The MentorBlueprint – our unique 5 step framework, will make sure you achieve success.


Closure / Transition

Once execution has been successful, we will help you transition your program into business-as-usual operation. We will work collaboratively with your people to ensure a team approach for success. We will continue to apply the coaching and monitoring techniques implemented at that start of the program for a confident and agile transition.

That’s the Mentor Way. We know it works.
And if you follow our approach and we’ll guarantee your results.

Speed. Efficiency. Certainty.



Speed of deployment

Effective program management organisation



Capital delivery performance

Resource efficiency



Customer satisfaction

Capital delivery investment

Mentor has two things: industry technical knowledge and their upfront method of executing programs. When they set out to do something, they make sure it’s done.  So… expertise, great methodology and ultimately, reliable delivery.

Derek McManus, COO, Telefonica UK

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Derek McManus, Telefonica UK COO

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