Stepping up to deliver commercial success

Stepping up to deliver commercial success

Why Program Management must re-imagine its traditional approach

We help companies successfully deliver strategic transformation programs. Yet, many have failure “designed-in.”

That’s why we’ve spent the past 30 years helping companies to put misfiring programs back on track.

The breakdowns are almost always down to human behaviour…

Lack of alignment between the executive team, and those doing the work

 Unrealistic objectives and plans – targets plucked out of the air, with no realistic chance of being met

Poor supplier management, with an “us and them” attitude

Crucial interdependencies completely overlooked

Not enough confidence in people working in other functions

Here’s just a few of the findings

We’ve known this for a long time – but we’ve never been able to measure it accurately.

Up until now…

We’ve developed a program assurance tool – based on research done at UC Berkeley. Using data science and AI, we can now precisely measure the cumulative impact human behaviour has on a programs’ success.

We call it the Mentor Execution Index.

We’ve been running this with clients for some time now – and the results should concern Boards everywhere.

Small wonder so many programs misfire.

Discover how MEI can predict and intercept program failure patterns before they occur – helping to make sure your program succeeds. Something we are prepared to guarantee.

Our Insight Guide has the full set of data and insights.