Why Programs Collapse: The First Signs

In this video, Simon Beresford-Wylie – CEO of Arqiva – shares how Mentor helped with different execution challenges, including setup and execution of a business-critical program to strengthen Arqiva’s 4G delivery capability.


no company intentionally sets out to
mess up a program but it does happen at
first bad news trickles out slowly in
various ways but there are four classic
signals of looming misfortune perhaps on
critical milestones have been missed and
not just once or maybe a key supplier
has objected to extra demands being
placed on its organization sometimes
people close to the program have openly
voiced concerns but the real clincher is
this the CEO grows tired of hearing
upbeat we’re on track messages without
much justification and eventually
realizes that things are not as they
should be in truth these fears are never
unfounded the situation is always
materially worse than anyone had
imagined and this news tends to come
like a bolt from the blue too many