Battle Tested

Executing business-critical strategy
with unshakeable confidence and certainty

A blueprint for a winning program

A sobering reminder 90% of the 131 programs we’ve rescued in the last 30 years hit a major showstopper within a year. Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, the renowned expert from Oxford University, backs our findings.*

Why? Human behaviour is the culprit.

Our three decades of hands-on experience have provided distinctive insights into how organisations behave under prolonged pressure.

We’ve packed this wisdom into our latest guide, I’m sure you’ll find it truly valuable.

It’s full of actionable tips to:

Tackle challenges head-on

Challenge assumptions

Minimise risks during crucial program execution

Let’s work together to make business-critical change happen and develop program execution as a core competence of your organisation.

* Flyvbjerg, Bent, 2021, “Top Ten Behavioral Biases in Project Management: An Overview,” Project Management Journal, vol. 52, no. 6, pp. 531–546

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