Are you jumping the gun… and putting your programs into the firing line?

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Business-critical program planning eBook from Mentor Europe

Building a Powerful Execution Plan

Last time your company ran a business-critical program, how did the management team organise to get the job done? Did they choose an approach – and implement it – before the complexity of the work was understood?

Planning any program is a critical piece of foundation building. Without a credible plan, you can never have a robust execution scheme. It might look colourful and seductive on a PowerPoint chart – but remember that’s all it is – colourful and nice-looking.

Mentor’s eBook ‘Are you jumping the gun?’ delves into the nitty-gritty on how to convert targets, strategies and plans into concrete results – and explains why the most cohesive team beats a team of rock stars every time.

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  • How to bridge ‘ignorance’ gaps between senior management and the execution teams.
  • 8 steps to build a powerful program execution plan – that actually works!

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