Getting with the Program

Mentor’s special report, published by Raconteur

Fundamentals of program management eBook

The Fundamentals of Program Management

If there’s one thing we want to make crystal clear, it’s that program management is important.  As you read these words, thousands of programs are in motion around the world – but only a tiny proportion of them will succeed.

The reason?

Program management – the process by which a strategy is executed – is shockingly undervalued.

There are still huge knowledge gaps in recognising the value of program management, so programs fail a lot more regularly than they should.

Mentor’s special report ‘Getting with the Program’, shares the fundamentals of program management, to give you the best chance of success.

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  • The significance of program management – directly from top C-Suite Executives
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  • Five top tips for CEO’s on how to avoid program failure

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