The Mentor Edge

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An Insider’s short-cut to Strategy Execution Success

The Mentor Edge - Short-cut to strategy content success eBook

There are endless worries in putting a strategy together. So, it’s an enormous relief when your board has crawled all over it – and blessed it.

But a good strategy is only the starting point. Now your team has to execute it and this presents a cocktail of different challenges. A great strategy doesn’t always produce great results.

That’s because what gets us to the starting line doesn’t always get us to the finish line.

Mentor’s eBook ‘The Mentor Edge’ is an insider’s short-cut to strategy execution success. Mentor’s services are based on a unique Blueprint which reflects the accumulated wisdom of skilled execution specialists.

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  • 10 steps to take if you want program execution success
  • How to sidestep a mismatch between what a company wants to do and what it’s actually prepared to do

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