Strategic programs fail for one reason – failure is designed in

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We’ve taken a long hard look at all the programs we’d seen over the past 30 years. There were 128 of them – and 117 of these were “rescue” situations.

In each case, a bunch of “age-old” failure patterns – repeated over-and-over again – caused these programs to pinball all over the place.

Our analysis showed there were five “bone-crushing” factors at play: 

Executive alignment: Executive teams are not as aligned as they say they are

Planning: Most program “plans” are targets, based on someone else’s view of what “ought to be possible”

Program organisation: Most program “organisation structures” are misleading and unworkable

Supplier management: Reputable industry suppliers are just as prone to program misadventure as their clients, possibly more so

Dependencies: Fragile dependency management can hobble any program

We’ve learned how to prevent these problems, so companies don’t have to go through the misery of a program fiasco.

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Program execution success begins with a blueprint.

5 Critical Factors
Is your program properly organised and fully resourced with the right number and mix of skills?
Does the program plan recognise that there are three interrelated plans – the Work, the Schedule and the Budget?
Does your program director have undisputed authority to deliver the business case? And are they the right person for the job?
Are your supplier planning methods as robust as your own internal processes?
Is there a recognised program dependency register which is the definitive record of what contributing functions must do to support the program?

Test it for yourself. Scroll over the diagram and answer the questions.

At the heart of the MentorBlueprint are 5 critical factors. Each factor has a set of acid tests to gauge the extent to which a client’s program matches our success factors.

Experience teaches us everything.

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Strategic programs fail for one reason

Program success begins with a blueprint

The MentorBlueprint will help any business shape a program for success. Watch the video.

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The 5 program execution mistakes.

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Experience teaches us everything

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5 Critical Factors

The MentorBlueprint.

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