Program Assurance and Risk Assessment

Strategic programs are usually large, complex, expensive, and career-defining. If a strategic program misfires, the reputational damage to a program management team or a company can be irreversible.

Our Program Assurance and Risk Assessment service is the cornerstone of execution success. It delivers accurate and illuminating X Rays of your program – making sure it is set up correctly from the start and gives you an accurate risk assessment during its lifecycle.

It quickly pinpoints areas for remedial action and presents you with a prescription to shore up your plan with confidence.

The service is usually run as a program is being mobilised.

Our approach:

We use our AI-driven online tool – the Mentor Execution Index to survey your program management team and the wider team, which can easily include customers and suppliers.

We conduct pre-survey interviews with your leadership team to identify any risk areas that may affect your program’s progress, or affect its performance.

Surveys are tailored to your business needs and KPIs.

We can also interpret and discuss the results in detail to help you activate our recommendations to make sure your program succeeds.

How you benefit: 

  • A quantified confidence level at the start and during the program to understand and manage risk
  • An accelerated and cost-effective review process, so immediate action can be taken where it matters most – reducing the likelihood of costly re-plans
  • Improved execution delivery, by focussing on the key program success elements that must be in place
  • Actionable insights with data gathered from your team – not guesswork
  • Delivery of an accurate and up-to-date assessment of your program’s status – across the entire program team and suppliers

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Give your program the best start. Flush out the problems in the early stages of a program’s life cycle with the Mentor Execution Index.