Program Pulse Check

When implementing a large-scale program, you need a single source of the truth that covers all critical elements of a program and is up-to-date.

Our Pulse Check has been benchmarked against results from dozens of programs from other companies and can provide insight into your program’s performance.

It gives you the opportunity to objectively assess the program and gives you an end-to-end view of what is driving success and what may cause a failure event.

Run at regular intervals, it addresses issues before they cause long-term damage to a program and measures improvements from actions taken from earlier pulse checks or risk assessments.

We can also discuss the results in detail and help you effectively trigger our targeted recommendations to make sure your program succeeds.

Our approach

We use our AI-driven online tool – the Mentor Execution Index to survey your program management team and conduct pre-survey interviews with your program leadership team. This highlights what activities are working well and other factors that may affect your program’s progress.

We use our deep program execution experience to analyse the survey findings and provide a prescription for actions needed to fix actual or emerging problems.

How you benefit 


  • Early detection of issues building up over the course of the program – helping the program team anticipate and mitigate problems before they occur
  • Provides new insights that help leaders to proactively shift from dealing with crises to solid program delivery
  • Keeps programs on track, makes sure good progress is maintained, increases motivation within the team – and delivers hard benefits through better program execution
  • Allows your organisation to take a more agile approach to program execution, increasing success and making it easier to achieve the return on investment required by the Board

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Give your program the best start. Flush out the problems in the early stages of a program’s life cycle with the Mentor Execution Index.