Program Recovery

Programs tend to fail for the same reasons – leading to delays, overspends and costly re-plans.

Our program recovery framework, based on the MentorBlueprint addresses the root causes of program failure. It provides the leadership and expertise to salvage your current and future investment by putting your program firmly back on track.

Our approach:

We spend time with your executive team and key stakeholders, across the program and the wider organisation; review program documentation and plans to get a deeper understanding of the issues facing your program.

Having analysed the program (and other data), and identified the underlying problems, we use our experience and expertise to help you build a detailed and target-based plan to address the underlying causes of a misfiring program. This is the basis for launching a more robust plan to dramatically increase the chances of program success.

How you benefit: 

  • A deep X Ray of your program’s health, identifying upstream and downstream issues – and disconnects that cause execution problems
  • Detailed, focussed and immediately actionable improvement plan
  • Program focus is readjusted to strategic needs, business objectives and delivery of the benefits from the original business case

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