Don’t drop the ball

The Mentor Guide to guaranteed program
management success.

The 6 balls that you can’t afford to drop for program execution success.


What would you do if you just had to make your next strategic program work?

A tough question at the best of times.

We know the pressure to successfully deliver business-critical programs has never been more intense.

Working with many organisations over the years we’ve found that they repeatedly drop the same 6 balls when it comes to strategic program delivery.

We discuss these in our guide and give you what you need to solve them.

The 6 balls you cannot afford to drop when running any program:

ALIGNMENT (Without alignment, it’s over)

PROGRAM PLANS (Nothing happens by accident)

ORGANISATION (No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra)

SUPPLIERS (Managing them is not as easy as it looks)

DEPENDENCIES (Everyone needs someone to lean on, and trust)

CULTURE  (Program culture will eat your strategy for breakfast!)

Read our insight guide and let us know if you recognise any – or all 6 balls.

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Program success begins with a blueprint.

Watch the video and find out how The MentorBlueprint will help any business shape a program for success.

Guaranteed results.

Work with us to apply The MentorBlueprint, and we’ll guarantee your program’s success.

You’ll have total control of your strategic program, with no loss of focus on business as usual

You’ll launch on time, within budget and ahead of the competition

You’ll accelerate time-to-revenue – and you’ll enjoy greater cost efficiency

Everyone involved will be motivated by working on program, where firefighting and crisis management is a thing of the past

Too many organisations underestimate operational requirements and execution. They look at massive strategic programs, critical to their success and just assume their organisation can deliver them. That is a massive gap in most organisations.

Jeff Dodds, COO, Virgin Media (former CEO, Tele2 Netherlands)

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Jeff Dodds, Virgin Media

Experience teaches us everything.

Read more on our latest findings and watch the video to find out more about how the MentorBlueprint has helped companies successfully recover off-track programs.

Guaranteeing strategic program execution success

VIDEO: Guarantee Program Success

Watch the video and find out more about how Mentor can help you guarantee your program success.

Failure is not an Option

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Successful program execution – guaranteed

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Designed in failure

INSIGHT GUIDE: Strategic programs fail for one reason – failure is designed in.

We’ve learned how to prevent these problems, so companies don’t have to go through the misery of a program fiasco.

Senior executive reviewing Mentor Europe

VIDEO: Mentor guarantee execution results.

Watch the video and find out why Telco executives give a “thumbs up” to Mentor’s unrivaled program execution approach, and are their partner of choice.

Let us help you guarantee the success of your program execution.

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