How to connect rural Britain –

time to think again?

The benefits of a shared rural network

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The four main Mobile Operators reached agreement on how they wanted to tackle the poor rural mobile coverage in the UK. Although the various announcements make it clear that a gold-plated commercial deal has not been settled yet.

We have been encouraging this approach on how to release the brakes and connect the communities on rural coverage for a while now – we’ve even proposed what an effective solution to the problem could look like.

Let’s hope it’s not a box-ticking exercise – and that the government remains open to different approaches and possibly better solutions.


In this insight guide on rural mobile coverage we explore:

  If there needs to be further consideration of the October SRN proposal by the four operators

The advantages of pooling spectrum

Why the New Zealand SRN model has been successful

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UK land mass lacks coverage


investment by Government and MNOs 


Government target UK 4G coverage by 2025

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