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A data-driven approach to program execution

Strategic program management is dynamic – it’s as much about people, what they do, how they’re organised, how they interact, and how they behave, as it is to do with technologies and markets.

These things can be measured using modern survey and data analysis techniques, and The Mentor Execution Index does exactly that.

Powered by data science specialist Predli, it combines our proven program execution framework – The MentorBlueprint™ – with cutting-edge AI to deliver a level of insight that leads to interventions and improvements.

Unlike the more traditional methods of program assurance, the Mentor Execution Index shows what’s working well, and importantly, it pins down problems long before they become too big to handle.

With these insights, it’s much easier to flush out problems in the early stages of a program. No need to wait six months, or even longer, for them to surface.

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Flushing out problems in the early stages of a program’s life cycle is vital to its success.

Watch The Mentor Execution Index in action and see how it captures the root causes of poorly performing programs – with information from your team, suppliers and customers.

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Screen Breakdown of Program Performance

Get a fresh perspective on the health of your complex program

Take a look at the video and see how you can optimise your program execution by knowing exactly what’s going on below the surface.

Harness the power of data to deliver your business-critical program


Measurement that drives change.

It’s often forgotten that the people working directly on your program hold a wealth of information into the true health of your strategic program.

We start by interviewing your senior executive team and follow with a deep dive into the program by surveying your program team, customers, and suppliers using The Mentor Execution Index.

We do this by asking questions based on 6 critical execution success traits that Mentor has seen impact the delivery of all the programs we’ve worked on:

  • Alignment
  • Plans
  • Organisation
  • Suppliers
  • Dependencies and
  • Culture

All survey data is anonymised and held securely so you and your program team can be assured your data is safe.

The survey delivers the data. Expertise and AI powers the insights.

Once the surveys have been completed the tool aggregates and interprets the information which is presented in a series of charts and graphs bespoke to your program. Giving you an immediate state of the program.

We blend the insights from the data with our own expertise in program management to give you a clear picture of how well your program is running, the bottlenecks, and how likely it is to hit its delivery deadline

The easy to use dashboards allows you to examine the data in multiple ways eg by the team, by trait, etc. to help you make sound evidence-based decisions.

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Breakdown of Program Performance

Recommendations based on experience you can trust.

Focusing on lead indicators of program success, we present our findings and results in detail and work with you to activate our recommendations to make sure your program succeeds.

This means you can change the path of your program and deliver the results you want with speed and certainty.

This relentless focus on program management success is the philosophy behind our Mentor Guarantee.

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Program execution

Champion program management excellence

Leverage a winning combination of AI and program management expertise to guarantee your program’s success.



Accurate and cost-effective

Deep insight and a plan of action delivered in < one month

Accelerates the review process and eliminates costly re-plans



Increase in delivery efficiency and speed
of deployment

Project gates passed as planned

Enabling a high-performance program management culture



Measurable improvements in
customer satisfaction

Supplier management hurdles identified
and managed

Ability to benchmark success over time and
across programs

Solutions built to improve program success

Every organisation we work with has its own set of strategic challenges, which is why we take a consultative approach to every one of our relationships. Each of our solutions is designed to give you an objective assessment of your program, and we work together to find you the best approach.

Program Assurance and Risk Assessment

You want to make sure your program is set up correctly from the start and potential risks are managed.

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Program Pulse Check

Your program execution is underway but you want to make sure its on the right track by checking it’s status on a regular basis.

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Program recovery

Your executive team has lost confidence in the program delivery team – the program is delayed and over budget.

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