Why work with third parties?

Cultural differences between start-ups and established businesses are sometimes revealed by their willingness to accept help from third party companies.

Start-ups are typically flexible, agile, and innovative due to their evolutionary stage. As a result, they tend to be more open to employing external specialists than an established business.


What does it give them?

It brings unique value to the table – balanced objectivity. The organisation can then be consistent when viewing the bigger picture and make healthier business-critical decisions.

On the other hand, larger organisations often struggle to grasp all the elements across the business landscape, so it all comes down to one person – the CEO.

When knowledge is spread like breadcrumbs across many functional parts of the business, organisational culture plays a massive part in creating resistance to change AND unwittingly “encouraging” individuals to feel unsettled.

In this video, Ian McCaig, First Utility CEO, talks about benefits of capitalising on the value that third parties bring in complex program delivery.